Doing our part

At Gametech Retreat, we are focusing on the smallest details of the events to reduce waste and our carbon footprint, because even the smallest changes make an impact.
We are proud to work with vendors, partners and guests that care about our planet as much as we do.

Doing our partTo ensure our events are sustainable, we:

  • E-Tickets
    Only offer e-tickets to reduce paper waste
  • Biodegradable
    Use reusable or biodegradable items and less plastic packaging where possible
  • Food
    Offer vegan/vegetarian food options and work with food and drink vendors that made a commitment to sustainable practices
  • Recycling
    Place waste stations for compost, recyclables, trash and only work with venues that recycle
  • Transportation
    Encourage guests to take public transport & carpooling to our events
  • Reuse materials
    Reuse lanyards, banners, and other event specific items where possible

We hope you care about the same things we do. See you at the next Gametech Retreat!

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